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Social Security Number Verification

Social Security Number Verification

The Social Security Number Verification Service, also identified on the website as the SSNVS function, is offered to people who employ other people on their workforces and are accordingly given responsibility for submitting and providing for the processing of employee tax forms. In this regard, the SSN verification service has been made available to individuals with an administrative role in the U.S. workforce in particular regard to the W-2 Form, as is filled out by employees when beginning their employment with a company or under an employer.

Employers can permissibly and appropriately take advantage of the Social Security number verification function in order to match the records they have generated from both the names of employees and their Social Security numbers with those which are currently being held by the government’s administering agency.

The particular utility of the SSN verification service as it has been made available by the U.S. Social Security Administration is to help employers who have evinced due diligence in their handling of employee tax records avoid otherwise unnecessary additional charges imposed on them by the government. Moreover, Social Security number verification can also be used to provide for the successful status of employees within the Social Security system.

To this end, the U.S. Social Security Administration will ensure that the Social Security number verification function is used only for permissible reasons. If SSN verification is accessed by people who are neither the employees nor employers relevant to the records, they must have been given permission to handle these functions.


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