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Missouri Unemployment Benefits

Missouri Unemployment Benefits

In the state of Missouri, dispersing Missouri unemployment benefits to individuals who have demonstrated a need for these unemployment assistance and relief measures, and who have satisfied the requirements for Missouri unemployment benefits is handled by the Missouri Department of Labor.

Although each state in the United States of America has slightly different restrictions that it applies to govern eligibility for unemployment benefits, the steps that must be satisfied to obtain Missouri unemployment benefits are similar to those established in other parts of the United States.

Eligible claimants for Missouri unemployment benefits can obtain these benefits for twenty six weeks. However, this is just a general guideline, if the national or state unemployment rates meet or exceed certain levels, then a person may be eligible to apply for an extension of their Missouri unemployment benefits. In some circumstances, the extension of Missouri unemployment benefits, or the unemployment benefits offered by any other state for that matter, may be offered by the federal government.

Besides Missouri Unemployment Benefits, the state Department of Labor in Missouri also provides a number of important services that individuals receiving unemployment benefits may need. Some of these services include:

· The Dress for Success program,

· Child Care Assistance,



· Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program,

· Medicaid,

· Family Friendly America,

· Shelters,

· Free Health Clinics

· Food Pantries,

· Carpooling programs

· Career Center Locations,

· and a variety of Career Center Services.

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