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The Congress Vote Database Defined

Congress Vote Database

One of the most important things for the American public and Congress is to be able to have transparency and accessibility to one another, in order to have Congress represent the American public in the best way possible. One tool that allows for the public to be able to see how Congress has voted, and in particular, look at how their respective senators are voting is the Congress Votes Database. A Congress Votes Database compiles all of the recent votes for particular bills and amendments and makes them accessible to the public.

This accessibility allows for the public to be able to see how the senators and the House has been voting. It is important, because if enough individuals are in a disagreement with how a senator is voting, they can file formal complaints and requests to have the senator start voting the way they want.
Regarding senators, the senate voting records are a separate and public document in which individuals from the American public can look up the voting record of their respective senators. This is a more direct route to finding out how the senator has been voting. A senate voting record is kept for each senator, and it spans back several years, on order to show all of the votes, and what changes, if any, the senator made overtime. This is helpful when it comes to understand the belief system the senator holds about his or her particular region in the United States.

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